One-On-One Parent Coaching

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Are you a parent of a child between the ages of 0-5?  Have you found my blog and/or book helpful but have specific questions about your child?   Do you want to know more about gentle parenting?

For a very low flat fee of $35, I will provide personal coaching via up to three email exchanges.  This includes the first email with your question after the initial contact to set this up along with up to two follow-up emails with you.  We can also use Facebook messenger for our coaching session.

This is three emails from you and three response from me.  These exchanges between the two of us have no expiration date!  This means that you can take your time implementing my suggestions and then come back and ask me more questions. I will check in after a while to see how everything is going.

Here are a few advantages of doing business with me:

  • No appointment needed.  You can email me anytime.  Perfect for busy parents!
  • You get everything written out for you and can save it forever!
  • No expiration date!
  • You’ll be corresponding with a professional that has many years of experience working with young children and their parents.
  • How many people can say that they have corresponded with an author who types with her nose?
  •  I will provide links to other resources that may help you with your specific situation with your child.
  •  I will alert you to possible special needs that your child may have and recommend evaluation for your child as I am only qualified to deal with typical behavior issues.
  •  I guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Payments are made through PayPal.

To get started, click the Contact Me tab. I look forward to helping you with your precious little ones!  I will reply to your email within 48 hours.  If you do not receive my reply, please check your junk mail folder.  If my email is not in your junk mail folder, please let me know that you didn’t get my reply.

P.S.  You don’t have to be a Christian to work with me.

Here’s what parents I have coached are saying:

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”Thank you Stephanie for your ongoing support with Ethan! I really appreciate having you to talk me through the rough days, and your coaching has led to much better communication with him! We spend a lot more time having fun together now that I have skills to get him moving in the right direction without yelling and getting upset. You also opened my eyes to looking at things that may be causing unwanted behaviors rather than reacting right away. Thank you so much.” ~ Kami Lokey, mom of Ethan

“I came to Stephanie for potty training tips. She gave me excellent tips on potty training my toddler and helped me see that I need to follow his lead for potty training. Then my toddler was biting me and Stephanie helped me figure out why he was biting me and gave me strategies and resources to gently help him stop biting. I love getting to keep everything from Stephanie. Now I know how to handle potty training and biting better with my toddler. Thank you, Stephanie!” ~ Sarah Chapman

“I came to Stephanie because my daughter has severe sleep issues. Stephanie provided tons of excellent suggestions and resources to try to help me with my daughter. When it became apparent to Stephanie that my daughter’s issues were out of her realm of expertise, she tried to steer me in the direction of professionals that may be able to help. My daughter is very unique and I still haven’t found anything that works, but I greatly appreciate the hours Stephanie took to try to help me as well as her honesty and integrity of not charging me for another coaching session when she knew my daughter’s issues were not in her expertise.  Stephanie’s coaching helped remind me of where I needed to stand for my daughter. That is, as a calm force in her storm; not as an adversary. I still have to remind myself of this often. However, it does make such a difference in our relationship, and honestly, that is the most important factor in all of this. (Although hard to remember on the tough nights).” ~ Lindsay Blaylock

After reading, what seems like, hundreds of websites and mom groups, the same information appears again and again regarding baby sleeping and toddler tantrums. Then Stephanie provides me with resources that were new and really insightful information. She also reaffirmed the things I was already doing and implementing was on the right track and by combining it all, I have some really nice tools to go forward! Thanks Stephanie!” ~Amber Walker

“Stephanie greatly helped my family and I work through a very hard time in our lives. As we transitioned to having two children I turned to Stephanie as I struggled and cried often trying to share my time between my two daughters and not taking away the time that my older daughter was used to having. Stephanie shared advice with me that I was able to share with my husband and we still use 2 months later. The advice we were given helped me work through a time period that I never thought would end. I felt terrible taking time away from my older daughter. With the coaching from Stephanie we now have a very smoothly run household and very helpful big sister and healthy relationship between all of us. We could never say thank you enough!” ~Samantha Hughes 

“I came to Stephanie for help with setting and enforcing limits with my daughter as her screams set off my PTSD due to a medical scare when she was younger.  It gives me a lot of hope to hear how others, like Stephanie, have worked through PTSD. Sometimes I feel like maybe I am the only one who struggles with this so I feel a lot more hope now.” ~Sarah Copeland 

“Stephanie has been a great help to my son and I. She knows how to center a flustered mother who is at a lost when dealing with various scenerios at once. She gives sound advice while keeping you grounded spiritually. Nowadays, it is difficult to find guidance that involves not only the correct education and knowledge but the heartfelt and Godly wisdom. I really appreciate all the time she has put in with helping my son and I. I can see a difference with my preschooler and I have become more concious on a daily basis to take things in stride, with patience and love. Thank you for all your help Stephanie.” ~Jacqueline Lee

“I tried Stephanie Cox’s parent coaching services.  What happens is you ask a question about parenting and she will research it for you and give you a thorough answer.  She goes on about why the behavior may be occurring and gives you interesting reads about the subject that you can keep to reference.  She is really good at helping you out.  It is very daunting trying to find out what is fact from junk on the internet so it saves you hours of research that we all don’t have. I know as a mother of two little ones that parenting is hard, so it saves me time. She also has a book out that helps you with gentle parenting which is awesome. I would recommend her services to any parent trying to find answers.  It is worth it. If I were to give her services a star rating, it would be 5 out of 5.  She is extremely professional and helpful and thorough.” ~ Crystal Warren

“Since reading your blog about aggression that you provided during the coaching session, I have used a few of your recommendations. I especially loved that one as my 16 month old and 4 year old both hit, and my oldest throws things, when they don’t get what they want. We are still working, but I have seen some great progress – epecially with my oldest. When my children get upset and hit, I help them find words for what they are feeling and empathize. When my oldest calms down, then we talk. I remind him how hitting hurts people or throwing toys breaks things/hurts people, and ask questions. I also explain how I felt without shaming or blaming him. While it still happens sometimes, he is opening up to me a lot more frequently and explaining his feelings or what is upsetting him which is amazing. I have also seen him react beautifully to his sister. He has stopped hitting her back, and while he still gets upset when she hits him, I think that’s amazing progress for a 4 year old. I’m so thankful for you and your blog. Thank you!!!” ~Cheri Parker Cabrera